Chinese New Year, 50 free DRONEs wait for you
Release Time : 01-30/2016 Views : 1641
  In the past years, WINGSLAND gained lots of supports from our customers and fans, with which we could achieve our dream. Now, Chinese New Year comes, we’d like to take this opportunity to thanks our fans, gifting 50 DRONES by drawing lottery through Wechat. The event will last for 50 weeks, from 1st of Feb, 2016 to 15th of Jan, 2017, one winner each week. Fortunately, the first lucky dog will be released on Chinese Spring Festival. Join us to get the DRONE freely, just need to follow WetChat Account.
Awards every week:
One set DRONE Minivet
200RMB Vouchers for DRONE
100RMB Vouchers for DRONE
Minivet Batteries
Minivet Propellers
Minivet Propeller Locks

1, The event will last from 1st Feb of 2016 to 15nd of Jan, 2017;
2, Click “Start to Draw” to attend the event, and you can invite your friends to join in;
3, During that time, you could click the lottery twice every day;
4, Please check your awards by click “View My Awards”;
5, During the valid date, one set DRONE each week, 50 sets in total;
6, The event is free, the only thing you need to do is to follow our WeChat Account and join in the event;
7, The vouchers could not be used in conjunction with each other;
8, The awards such as battery, propeller and propeller lock are only for customers who is already by WINGSLAND drone. When colleting the awards, please provide the code of your drone;
9, WINGSLAND will not cover the freight of the awards except the drone sold with vouchers.
10, Hotline: 400-0805-969

  Lots of fans followed us already, and some asked us how to take part in the event. Here is the manual of enter the draw, and please note the corresponding date.