Course of Minivet for freshman from Wingsland
Release Time : 03-02/2016 Views : 2341
  Drone is the latest consumer electronics and become more and more popular recently. However, different from Phone and PAD, it will be dangerous if we use it improperly. As we know, some freshmen have got into awkward circumstances, hurt human being or damaged things around them. So, we suggest that we should read the product manual and learn the course patiently before the flight. 
  Now, we have made a video for newcomers. Hope all of you will enjoy your flight time.

Notice: Aerial drone is not an ordinary toy. Please read the manual and learn the course carefully before your flight to avoid any accident.
Five steps to fly the drone:
  Firstly, inspect power of aircraft, display and remote controller. They should be full charge of capacity;
  Secondly, assemble the propellers. Make sure that the direction signs on the aircraft, the propellers and screws are same, and then tighten the screws with wrench;
  Thirdly, power on the display, adjust the channel between the display and image emitter to make the image clear;
  Fourthly, turn on the remote controller, install the aircraft battery and calibrate geomagnetism. Please make sure that the sign of GPS is 5 stars or above;
  Fifth, unlock the remote controller and push the throttle lever lightly. When the aircraft take off the ground, push up the throttle lever quickly. Hover the aircraft on the lower sky to confirm the direction and then fly it far away.
  Manual of calibrating geomagnetism: Slide the L1 up and down 5 times till the lights on the arms blink. Then enter L1 and rotate the aircraft 4 times or above clockwise on the same spot. It is finished if the lights stop blinking.