Liaoshen Evening News: Overlook the Chinese deepest crater from 800M height sky
Release Time : 01-04/2016 Views : 1240

  Take aerial photography for Liaoning Anshan Xiuyan crater. Now, arrived800m  height.
  You say you love looking the sky with 45° because your double chin will be awl face so that you will be at your most beauty and confidence at that point. 
  You say you love enjoying the world with camera because you want to show the pretty flowers and delicious food to friends, just for the admiring.
  But for me, I want to lead you to see the different views, give you the special beauties. Can you imagine overlooking the city in the sky? Do you dream of enjoying the beauties in the sky with wings? Now, we can help you realize it.
  From the moment, we will start to publish the column “See the steel city with Hawkeye”. We will use the drone from WINGSLAND to video every point of the steel city, let you enjoy the city from the sky and give you a totally different visual experience.
  Bowl-shaped valley, winding villages, lush corn, all of these could be presented in front of us in only two minutes, "This is the overview of the crater." Our journalist and a aircraft fans went to Xiuyan crater to take aerial photography. The aircraft went up to 800m height within just 2 minutes and then videoed the whole village and also the crater.
  Xiuyan crater, has been proven to be Chinese first extraterrestrial celestial impact structure formed crater. It is located in Xiuyan Suzi town Luoquangouli village. This crater is bowl-shaped, belongs to simple pit. The diameter is 1800m, and the depth is about 150m, the base was formed 20 million years ago from the bedrock of the early Proterozoic metamorphic formations. This crater fills the blank of these unique geological formations in China, has high scientific and ornamental value.